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Jackie Cox,

Certified Child Sleep Consultant

I'm Jackie, a nanny who got fed up of not knowing how to help my families’ sleep problems and then dealing with the subsequent behavior that resulted from over-tiredness. I read the books and blogs but just didn't know how to help!

So I decided to train to become a Sleep Consultant so I was better equipped to help the families I worked with, and many other families who need help.

So if any of that sounds familiar, do not despair! Help is here and is specifically designed to suit you and your family.

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Parents Recommend

Amy R.

"I feel happy to be a mum, and I'm now enjoying my daughter. My wife and I couldn't be more thankful or happier with the service!"

Elise B.

"Thank you! You’ve given me so much more confidence"

Georgina H.

"Jackie was brilliant, she listened to our concerns and set us a customised, gentle plan based on our child's temperament and various other factors. Within 5 days she was sleeping through the night, with naps well on track too"

Fraser H. 

"Our baby is so happy and content during the day now that she is sleeping well. Jackie is lovely and supportive, and has a genuine passion for helping  families struggling with thier sleep problems" 

Chloe W.

"What appeared like simple changes have made a significant difference. It has literally changed my life - I have gone from averaging 4-5 hours sleep to getting a whole night"


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