Back to school!

It’s September tomorrow and for some children, that means going back to school after having 6 months off due to Covid-19.

If your little one has been having long days at home, it’s easy to assume they’ll be able to cope with the transition back to school easily. But the school environment may be very different to what they’ve been up to at home, with it typically being much more learning-based and with no Netflix to break up their day (and give you a break!). There’s also the added bonus of being with old friends again, or making new friends and all of this can really take its toll. They will be mentally and emotionally tired!

Here are 3 tips to help counter tiredness upon restarting school:

- Early nights- Why not bring bedtime forward? Anything up to an hour is achievable. Use your child as a guide and keep an eye out for potential sleepy signs and you’ll know when they are ready for bed (even if they don’t want it!)

- After school/ nursery snooze- This is perfectly okay so let it happen! Don’t panic and worry that it’ll affect their bedtime. They need this snooze to help cope with the adjustment of their new day. A quick snooze of 30 minutes or less is idea.

- Allow a weekend nap- Like the after-school snooze, a weekend nap is also perfectly okay. Again, don’t worry that it’ll affect your child’s bedtime. Let them catchup and recharge their batteries. This will prevent other issues such as overtiredness which can then lead to bedtime battles, night wakings or early risings. It may even be worth planning a car journey for the weekend in order to incorporate a sleep

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