Motion naps

Let’s talk about… motion naps!

I have a few clients who are trying to crack the self-settling skill but are having some problems with managing to get their children to sleep in the cot all of the time. In these cases, I will recommend getting them out for a motion nap instead.

They are a great fallback to be able to use if your child is struggling to settle in their cot and you are getting frustrated. They are also great to use if you know you have other duties but they fall right when your baby should be sleeping e.g. picking up an older sibling from school.

A buggy nap is normally a bit better than a car nap especially if your child is very alert (check out my blog ‘Temperament traits and sleep training’). I’d recommend using something to minimise stimulation as much as possible e.g. a dark muslin or ‘Snooze Shade’ to make it as dark as possible. If possible, avoid busy and noisy places such as highstreets as this can be distracting and make it harder for your baby to fall asleep. If this is unavoidable, you may want to look into getting a small white-noise toy than you can attach to the buggy to block out as much noise as possible.

The main key with motion naps is to persevere. It may just be that they are past their optimum sleeping window or it may still be too noisy or bright for them. They may initially reject it and it might take them 20-30 minutes to fall asleep but most children, if tired enough, will eventually succumb to them.

If you want any more information on motion naps or want to get started on a plan with 1:1 support, book a free consultation call with me via my website.

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