Safer Summers

It’s starting to get hotter outside again so I thought I’d just remind/inform you all of some of the more random summer safety tips from my many years of experience of working in nurseries and as a nanny.

1- Always let the hose water run out first before water fights/ filling buckets or paddling pools as the water inside the tube can get boiling hot!

2- Check the temperature of the ground outside especially for babies. If it’s too hot for you to stand on without shoes, it’s definitely too hot for a baby to sit on as their skin is thinner and much more delicate.

3- Never cover the buggy with a blanket or a cover that stops air circulating. You can use a clip-on sunshade or parasol to protect them from the sun and make it darker for any buggy naps

4- Just like you wouldn’t leave them alone in the bath, you should also never leave a young child alone in a paddling pool. Accidents can happen in seconds so you need to stay extra vigilant

5- Keep them hydrated with lots of sips of liquids. This doesn’t just include water as some children don’t like plain water. You can make it more interesting by making some of your own frozen smoothie lollipops or ice lollies.

6- Sleep is still vital especially as a lot of children are spending much more time outside running around so they’re going to get more worn out. I always recommend black-out blinds to try and make their environment as sleep conducive as possible. But black-out blinds can sometimes trap the heat in and make their rooms a bit hotter. So a fan works great in their room (just face it slightly away from your child) to help it both keep cool and act as white noise!

Those are my 6 top tips that people often forget about. There are plenty of other ones that most of you are already aware of, so I thought I’d just note down some of the slightly more unknown or obscure ones!

Please comment any other tips you have heard which I may have missed off the list and I can add them in!

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