Transition to their own room

So you’ve spent months creating the perfect nursery for you new baby, but here’s the truth: they won’t actually sleep in it for a while still! Chances are, they will still in your room as this is the safest until about the age of 6 months. But, after this age you will probably want to reclaim your bedroom and actually use that beautifully decorated nursery.

So here are my 5 top tips to help with that transition:

1. Practice at least one nap a day in the cot in the nursery.

2. Go into the nursery multiple times a day- do nappy changes there, get them dressed, and play on the floor. This makes their new room a familiar environment.

3. For 3-4 nights prior to transitioning to the nursery, do the bedtime routine in the nursery and then bring baby in to your room as usual. This sends the signal that the nursery is a safe place associated with snuggles and sleep preparation.

4. On the first night of the transition, keep her in the same crib that she was in while sleeping in your room, but move it into the nursery. Keep all other conditions the same… bedtime routine, white noise machine, dark and cool environment etc

5. After 3-5 nights, move baby to the new cot. If she awakens in the night, transition her to the old crib but in her own room. Each night try to get longer and longer stretches in the cot.

You might be wondering….

Are all these steps really necessary?

Nope! You know your baby best, so you’ll be the best one to decide what steps will work for your little one. For some babies, you may be able to do just steps 1-3 and then transition them straight over. Babies often adjust way better than you might think!

What if my baby wakes throughout the night still?

Sometimes, transitioning your baby out of your room can actually help them sleep better at night. But if constant night wakings are keeping you from transitioning your baby to their nursery, I can help! Just book a free call with me and we can talk about what plan will suit you best to help your family get the sleep you need.

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