What age can you start sleep training?

I have spoken to many parents and seen many on social media asking what age can they start sleep training?

The simple answer is that babies are most open to it from about 18 weeks old.

If your child is younger than that but you’re already at your wits end, you can still do what we call ‘sleep shaping’. This is about setting up consistent rhythms and cues and giving them exposure to the sleep habits and environments that you want to establish. Sleep shaping is all about practice.

When your baby is ready for sleep training, work out what is going to be the best approach for your child. All babies and everyone’s different circumstances are different so it’s important to do what’s best for you personally.

There are a few things you can do to identify the best approach for you to use, with the main one being to identify the temperament of your baby. Knowing this will help you to put together a plan that you can stick to. This takes away any element of second-guessing or overthinking and you will feel equipped and ready to respond.

As a trained sleep consultant, I can help you to recognise your child’s temperament and put together a plan appropriate for both your baby and your whole family.

Remember, it’s never too early for sleep shaping and it’s never too late to sleep train!

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