Sleep Seminars

Want to head into Christmas and the New Year with all the knowledge you need to improve your little one's sleep?


Well, my sleep seminars are back!

There's one each week based on the current age of your child. These are:

- Monday 6th Dec, 9am- 6-9 months, and
- Monday 13th Dec, 9am- 10-18 months

In these seminars, I'll be covering:
- The science of sleep
- Optimising sleep environment
- Sleep associations
- Ideal routine/schedule
- Self-settling methods
- Getting yourself ready
- and more appropriate topics dependent on the age of your child
Each seminar will also finish with Q&A session to answer any of your follow-up questions

The cost for each of these seminars is only £15 for 90 minutes of knowledge!

There are only 10 spaces available for each seminar to allow time for the Q&A session at the end

No upcoming events at the moment